“Women in Science and Math: Facts and Figures” UNC WISE Discussion #1

UNC WISE would like to invite you to join in our exploration of the current status of women in math and science-based careers.  The discussion, which will take place Friday July 6 (see RSS calendar for details), will be led by Valerie Schmidt.

As women in science, we may often feel like a minority participant in our field. But as scientists we are trained to search for concrete data to support our observations. The following documents and links are meant to serve as a basis for our group discussion of the factual data regarding female participation, enrollment, and recognition within math and sciences. Please consider this as the ‘suggested reading’ for our upcoming discussion, and feel free to explore outside data at your leisure. Hope to see you there!

-Valerie Schmidt

Websites with numerous statistical resources : National Center for Education Statistics, Association for Women in Science (AWIS)

WISE Stats Fact Sheets

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