Special guest speaker: Professor of Chemistry Dr. Marcey Waters!

At our next meeting (Tuesday, November 6) we are pleased to announce a special discussion, followed by a question and answer session, given by Prof. Marcey Waters!  Prof. Waters will be speaking about her research and her journey from student to full professor.

Prof. Waters started her scientific career as an NSF undergraduate research fellow at Columbia University and received her B.A. in chemistry at UC San Diego.  She went on to conduct her Ph.D. work studying Fischer carbene complexes under the guidance of Professor William Wulff at the University of Chicago.  She returned to Columbia University as an NIH Post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Prof. Ronald Breslow.  Prof. Waters became a professor at UNC in 1999, and has won multiple awards, including the NSF Career Award and the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship.  Her current research focus is designing and synthesizing biomolecules in order to control molecular recognition for biomedical applications.

To learn more about Prof. Waters and her research, visit her website (http://www.chem.unc.edu/people/faculty/waters/group/).