Inspirational Woman Profile: Maud Menten

At our December 4th meeting, we will also be discussing Maud Menten, who was an incredible physician and biochemist born March 20, 1879 in Ontario Canada. Maud obtained her B.A. in 1904 from the University of Toronto, continued on to obtain her M.B. in medicine in 1907 and in 1911, became the first Canadian women to receive a medical doctorate. A year later, she joined Leonor Michaelis at the University of Berlin where their study of biological reactions led to the development of the Michaelis-Menten equation. This equation allows for the mathematical means for determining the rate of an enzyme reaction and is a standard for most subsequent enzyme-kinetic measurements. Aside from this famous equation, Menton is also accredited to being the first to study human hemoglobin using electrophoresis and has been on approximately 100 research papers. Menten became an instructor in the Department of Pathology in 1918 of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pennsylvania.

On top of being an extremely accomplished scientist, Menten was also musically and artistically inclined. She played the clarinet and also was a phenominal painter. She was fluent in Russian, French, German, Italian, and at least one Native American language. Additionally, she was an avid mountain climber.


Workshop on Negotiations, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

At our next meeting, Valerie Schmidt will be leading a mini-workshop on how to successfully negotiate based a COACh sponsored workshop, conducted at the recent SERMACS meeting:

” The workshop on Negotiations, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution was rich with resources dedicated to helping women realize their potential in strategic persuasion.  These resources range from how to respond in difficult situations to how to interpret and exploit non-verbal communications.  I walked away from this workshop invigorated with the confidence that with practice and hard work, negotiations can become an opportunity instead of an obstacle.

This WISE meeting will deviate from the typical discussion based format; attendees will receive many of the handouts used in the workshop as well as a highlight of some of the exercises conducted.  We will be learning about three main topics on successful negotiations: 1) how just asking for what you need, can get it for you; 2) the benefits of being your own advocate; and 3) though tremendous progress has been made, there are still some lingering issues to be aware of before entering negotiations.”