Women in Venture Capital

At our next UNC WISE meeting, Tuesday January 8th at 5:00 PM, in the Undergraduate Library Room 211, Mary Zeller will be leading the discussion on women in venture capital and Valerie Schmidt will be sharing with us the life and work of Stephanie A. Burns (see following post).  We look forward to starting off the new year with a lively and interesting discussion!

I thought this topic could be interesting for WISE members who are not considering an academic track, and have more industry/entrepreneur interests.  I’ve sought to provide articles and resources related both to women in the VC field, and women as recipients of VC funds.  I’ve tried to give some focus on STEM industries, however not all of this information has that focus.  I’ve organized the information by long term studies, news articles and opinion pieces, and resources for further research and/or future career networking.

I hope that you can read as many of these as you can, and come to the meeting ready to talk about what you found interesting.


The study details success and failure of various companies correlated to the percentage of women executives.


Two studies by the Diana project, which was started in 1999 and seeks to raise the awareness and expectations of women business owners regarding the growth of their firms.

If these links don’t work, they can be downloaded:


This is a study conducted by the White House, and although it isn’t specifically related to this topic, I think it is of general interest.  It details the state of women in America in terms of family, education, employment, health, and crime/violence.

News articles and opinion pieces:

A nice short article that summarizes some statistics about women in the venture capital industry

A short summary of the Gatekeepers of Venture Growth larger pdf

A TED talk which discusses getting beyond the microloan for women entrepreneurs


A community that seeks to advance Women in the Business of Science and Technology

A VC fund that only invests in Women entrepreneurs

A media company offering content, community, and conferences for aspiring and current women in technology. Their mission is to increase the number of female founders of technology start-ups.



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