“Why Women Still Can’t Have it All”

Our next UNC WISE meeting will be on Tuesday, February 5th at 5:00PM at a new location, in Room 2422 in the Student Union (building in the pit that houses Alpine Bagel).

This month’s discussion will focus around the bold and online debate-spurring Atlantic Monthly article “Why women still can’t have it all.” In this article, Anne-Marie Slaughter contends that the prevailing attitude of the previous generation of women, one that says “you can have it all,” is unhelpful or even misleading to the younger generation, as both feminism and society evolve.  She argues that in order to improve current conditions for women, we must address realities not ideals.  She draws on her own experiences of balancing a demanding high-powered career and the needs of her family to address why, in her words, “the half-truths we hold dear,” are not productive for finding solutions to real problems professional women face.  As this is a lengthy article, we will discuss these half-truths, which also serve as section headers in the article, so feel free to browse the sections you find most interesting.  They are as follows:

It’s possible if you are just committed enough

It’s possible if you marry the right person

It’s possible if you sequence it right

Changing the culture of Face Time

Revaluing Family Values

Defining the Arc of a Successful Career

Rediscovering the Pursuit of Happiness

Innovation Nation

Enlisting Men

Hope you enjoy perusing the article and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions!


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