Vision Statements from Executive Board Candidates

At next week’s meeting on Monday, December 2nd, we will be holding our yearly elections for the three Director positions that make up UNC WISE’s Executive Board. The candidates have each written one year vision statements and we encourage members to look over them. Voting will take place at the end of the meeting, each candidate will have a few minutes to share their vision for WISE then each member will vote for their top three candidates. Thanks to everyone who is running, we are grateful for your support and dedication. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions!

Candidate Vision Statements:

Vision Statement Courtney Roberts

Vision Statement Kyle Reeves

Vision Statement Emilie Mainz

Vision Statement Kelsey Brereton


Calling for Nominations for the WISE Executive Director Board!

If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for a position on the WISE executive board, please email by November 18th.

After you become a nominee for Director, please submit via email to, your Individual Vision Plan for the group during your term (examples can be seen at Please email your plan by November 25th. The plan should be no longer than 1 page long and should consist of (but not required or limited to) your ideas on how to improve the organization, the types of programs the group should create or participate in, or out-reach for the university and/or community, etc.

For more information about the responsibilities of a director, see our 5 year vision plan:

UNC WISE Vision Plan