February WISE Meeting: Part II in the ‘Gender in STEM’ Series

Meeting Details: February 3 at 6:30PM, Student Union 3503

This month, we will continue our series on ‘Gender in STEM’.  Last month, Abby Turner led our discussion on the role of gender, guided by the article ‘Undoing Gender’.  This month our discussion will be led by Kyle Reeves and Matt Kita and will extend our previous discussion on gender to explore the concepts of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation in STEM fields.

We will guide our conversation with a video and an article (LGBT in Science) published in Nature Careers.  Also, feel free to look through the second attached document, a best practices guide produced by APS lgbt+physicists focus group. We may consider how to construct a similar document for departments on best practices for women in STEM.

 All are welcome, regardless of identity. Please note that this month’s meeting will pay special attention to confidentiality.  Due to the sensitivity of the content for many, we will encourage all participants to leave and freely discuss the ideas and general sentiments of the discussion but, out of respect, to leave all names and other identifying information behind.


LGBT in science
Best Practices Guide


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