Current Projects


WISE is teaming up with another science outreach group at UNC, Science in the Stacks, to put on their next monthly session at the Chapel Hill Public Library. These events are targeted toward local kids with the goal of sharing our love for science and inspiring them to pursue it as well.


Keep your eyes posted for more details on this exciting event, coming April 2016 from WinS in collaboration with WISE! We will have an outside speaker, snacks, a judged poster session with prizes, and a great time to meet other scientists at UNC.


The WISE peer mentoring program is designed to support women graduate students in the sciences at Carolina. One of the major reasons cited for poor retention of women in the science pipeline is the lack of mentorship and role models. (Bonetta 2010, DOI: 10.1126/science.opms.r1000084) WISE is committed to reversing this trend by fostering support networks through our peer mentoring program. Advanced female graduate volunteers will be paired with junior graduate students in WISE based on department and career interests.

For information about becoming a mentor or mentee, contact:  Courtney Roberts,


Girl Scouts – Technoquest 2015

WISE members led two one-hour sessions at Technoquest – an annual event put on for the area Girl Scouts to get middle- and high-school aged girls excited about science. The group taught the girls about chemical catalysis and led them in doing their own catalytic experiments!

Girl Scouts

Meet your Match: Speed Networking

On November 6th, 2015 WISE collaborated with WinS to sponsor a speed networking event in which participants rotated in small groups to meet and talk with 5 different female STEM professors.


Summit on Women in Science

On May 13th 2013, the Working on Women in Science (WOWS) Scholars, in collaboration with OPA, GPSDP, CFE, and WISE presented a seminar series focused on issues of importance to women graduate students and post docs in the sciences.  Panels of scientists from industry and academia led discussions on a range of topics, such as mentorship, leadership, career paths, and work/life balance.











The UNC Science Expo was held on Saturday, April 13 from 10 AM to 3 PM. The theme of the expo was “Water in Our World.” WISE  hosted led a hands-on exhibit to teach children about the properties of water,  including density, cohesion, and surface tension.  Thanks to Stephanie Kramer for leading the project and to all of the volunteers who helped prepare for and run the exhibit!

UNC Science Expo 2013 collage



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